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I have organized my thoughts.

#1 Tempestuous Temperaments 疾風怒濤

[Surmise] The Yellow Pinwheel is the Symbol of Fuu

[Memo] The Reason Why Mugen and Jin Travel with Fuu

#2 Redeye Reprisal 百鬼夜行

[Surmise] The Movement Of a Butterfly Symbolizes Oniwamaru’s Mental Status

[Surmise] The Black Kite is the Symbol of Ryūjirō

[Surmise] The Fireflies are the Symbol of Life and Love

[Surmise] Momotarō’s Elements and Ironies

[Question] Why Did They Have Only a Small Amount of Money?

#3 Hellhounds for Hire 1 以心伝心 一


#4 Hellhounds for Hire 2 以心伝心 二

[Memo] The Reason Why Mugen Join Forces with Rikiei

#5 Artistic Anarchy 馬耳東風


#6 Stranger Searching 赤毛異人


#7 A Risky Racket 四面楚歌


#8 The Art of Altercation 唯我独尊


#9 Beatbox Bandits 魑魅魍魎


#10 Lethal Lunacy 以毒制毒


#11 Gamblers and Gallantry 堕落天使

[Surmise] Jin Didn’t Fall in Love With Shino

#12 The Disorder Diaries 温故知新


#13 Misguided Miscreants 1 暗夜行路 壱


#14 Misguided Miscreants 2 暗夜行路 弐


#15 Bogus Booty 徹頭徹尾


#16 Lullabies of the Lost 1 酔生夢死 一


#17 Lullabies of the Lost 2 酔生夢死 二


#18 War of the Words 文武両道


#19 Unholy Union 因果応報

[Memo] Clues of the Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers

#20 Elegy of Entrapment 1 悲歌慷慨 壱

[Memo] The Purpose of Fuu Searching for a Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers

#21 Elegy of Entrapment 2 悲歌慷慨 弐


#22 Cosmic Collisions 怒髪衝天


#23 Baseball Blues 一球入魂


#24 Evanescent Encounter 1 生死流転 壱

[Question] Since When Did the Shogunate Target Fuu?

[Memo] The Reason Why Jin Left Dōjō

#25 Evanescent Encounter 2 生死流転 弐


#26 Evanescent Encounter 3 生死流転 参

[Surmise] Sunflower is the Secret Word Referring to Christianity


  • 2020-07-18
  • 2021-03-16

[Surmise] Sunflower is the Secret Word Referring to Christianity【考察】向日葵はキリスト教の隠語

"The Sunflower Samurai" means "The Christian Samurai". If he was known to be a Christian, he was at risk of being executed, so somebody replaced his nickname with another word while avoiding direct mention. I think.(『向日葵侍』とは、つまり『キリシタン侍』を意味しています。 キリスト教徒であることが知られた場合、処刑される危険性があったため、誰かが彼のニックネームを直接ではない別の単語に置き換えて呼んだのです(と思います)。)