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[Memo] The Reason Why Mugen and Jin Travel with Fuu【覚書】ムゲンとジンがフウの旅に付き合う理由

This is a summary of how Mugen, Jin and Fuu just met came to travel together.(出会ったばかりのムゲンとジンとフウが、一緒に旅をするに至った経緯のまとめです。)

First, “transaction” | 一つ目、『取引』

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

Fuu: “Listen, if you promise you’ll do something for me, I’ll help you get out of here.”


Samurai Champloo #1 Tempestuous Temperaments

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

Fuu and the two promised that “if you rescue them from the execution ground, they will go on a journey to find a sunflower-smelling samurai.”


Mugen: “So, what’s this promise you want us to make?”

Fuu: “There’s a samurai who smells of sunflowers. I want you to find him for me.”



Samurai Champloo #1 Tempestuous Temperaments

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

And Fuu helped to rescue them.


However, under this condition, either one should go on a trip to Fuu.


Second, “betting” | 二つ目、『け』

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

Fuu: “Hey, wait a minute! Hey, you two haven’t forgotten your promise to me, have you?!”

Jin: “There’s something that I have to see to first.”

Mugen: “Yeah, let me kill this bastard first.”

Fuu: “Hey, wait a minute! What if you two end up killing each other?! Who would go with me then?!”





Samurai Champloo #1 Tempestuous Temperaments

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

If the two slash each other and become a debate, neither Fuu will be taken on a journey.


Therefore, Fuu forcibly imposes a bet on the condition that “if the heads of the coin come out, you can slash each other, and if the tails come out, you will go on a trip with Fuu”.

そこで、フウは 「硬貨の表が出たら斬り合ってもよい、しかし裏が出たら、フウの旅に付き合う」という条件の賭けを強引に押し付けます。

Fuu: “All right, then. Toss this coin, and if it comes up heads, hack away all you want. But if it comes up tails, both of you will stay with me. Are we clear?”

Mugen: “Gimme that.”



Samurai Champloo #1 Tempestuous Temperaments

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

As the tails came out, both Mugen and Jin ended up going on a trip with Fuu.


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