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Ep.#16,17 Kōyasan (Mt. Kōya) | 高野山

A town formed by Buddhist monks and its trainee, a sacred place for Japanese Buddhism.(仏教僧と僧侶を志す人達で形成された町で、日本仏教の聖地。)

Kōyasan | 高野山

サムライチャンプルー #16 酔生夢死 ふた夢

Yukimaru: “Why do so many people worship this mountain? It seems to be reborn. Death and rebirth, everyone wants it. It seems to be such a mountain.”


The location of episode #16, 17 is “Kōyasan(Mt. Kōya)” in Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Kōya-chō, Wakayama Prefecture.

だい16,17舞台ぶたいは、 和歌山県わかやまけん 伊都郡いどぐん 高野町こうやちょうにある『高野山こうやさん』です。

Mt. Kōya | 高野山

出典:THE GATE『高野山』

“Mt. Kōya” is an area located at an altitude of 800 meters.


During the Edo period, it belonged to Kishū (Kii Province).


Kishū is one of the provinces of Japan under the centralized government system called Ritsuryōsei, another name for Kii Province, and refers to Wakayama prefecture and the southern part of Mie prefecture today.

※ 紀州きしゅうとは、紀伊国きいのくに別称べっしょうで、日本にほんりょうせいこくひとつです。現在げんざい和歌山県わかやまけんと、三重みえけん南部なんぶにあたります。

It is a sacred place for Japanese Buddhists, where practitioners who aspire to be monks gather, and there are well over 100 temples, large and small, within the area.


There are accommodations for monks, practitioners, and visitors, as well as high schools, universities and etc.


It is said that there were more than 2000 large and small Buddhist buildings at their peak.


To date, hundreds of buildings have been destroyed by fire.


Kongōbuji Temple | 金剛峯寺


“Kōyasan Kongōbuji Temple” is a Buddhist temple founded by Kōbō Daishi(774-835) (Kūkai) as a Zen dōjō for training.

高野山こうやさん 金剛峯寺こんごうぶじ』は、弘法大師こうぼうだいし空海くうかい)により、しゅぜん道場どうじょうとして創設そうせつされた仏教ぶっきょう寺院じいんです。

* The target on the map is set to Kongōbuji Temple.

※ 金剛峯寺こんごうぶじ目標もくひょうわせた地図ちずになります。

Its history goes back to 816 during the Heian period, more than a thousand years ago.


“Kōbō Daishi(774-835) (Kūkai)” is a monk who studied esoteric Buddhism in China and opened the Shingon(Mantra) Buddhism in Japan.

※ 『弘法大師こうぼうだいし空海くうかい)』とは、中国ちゅうごくわたって密教みっきょうまなび、日本にっぽん真言宗しんごんしゅうひらいた僧侶そうりょです。


It is said that the historical fact is that he requested Emperor Saga to establish a dōjō for Shingon(Mantra) Esoteric Buddhism on this mountain where Kūkai had practiced when he was young.


Kūkai studied abroad in China and mastered Shingon(Mantra) Esoteric Buddhism for about two years, partly because he was good at language acquisition.


He is also good at calligraphy and is also known as an excellent calligrapher.


The proverb, “Kōbō’s mistake in writing,” is an analogy that even a person who is good at the particular field can sometimes make a mistake,


This is coming from “Even a person who is good at writing, such as Kōbō Daishi, can make mistakes.”


* If you would like to know more about Kongōbuji Temple, please refer to the external link below.

※ 金剛峯寺こんごうぶじついて、もうすこくわしくりたいかたは、下記かき外部がいぶリンクをご参照さんしょうください。

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