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[Keyphrase] “Your shoulders should not get cold.” 【キーフレーズ】「肩が冷えるといけねえ」

“肩が冷えるといけねえ (Your shoulders should not get cold.)” is a phrase that describes how much Takeya understands it.(「肩が冷えるといけねえ」は、竹屋がどこまで理解しているかを表した言葉。)

To Jin | ジンに向けて

Samurai Champloo #4 以心伝心 其ノ二

Jin: “Old man, this is for yesterday.”

Takeya: “You don’t want to catch cold, do you?”

Jin: “Thank you.”




Samurai Champloo #4 Hellhounds for Hire PART.2

サムライチャンプルー #4 以心伝心 其ノ二

This is my favorite scene.


But, it’s a little sad that the English version of the line says, “You don’t want to catch a cold, do you?”

しかし、英語版の台詞が「You don’t want to catch a cold, do you?(風邪をひきたくないだろう?)」となっているのは少し残念

I really like the original phrase, “Your shoulders should not get cold.”


“Your shoulders should not get cold”, is a reference to a samurai keeping their shoulders warm before a big battle.


( The fact that Jin came to clear up the bill also suggests that this was his final battle. )


The Storekeeper of Takeya, like the other citizens, knows that there will be a big battle between the yakuza this day.


Therefore, Takeya could perceive why Jin came to Takeya to clear up the bill.


Jin might not come back anymore.


Takeya foresaw this and offered an umbrella without asking anything.


“Your shoulders should not get cold.”


From a neutral profession, Takeya might not be able to say anything more, but his thoughts are all contained in this line.


The sincere personality of Jin and his resolution may have inspired Takeya to take action.



The storekeeper of a tavern, "Takeya" that Mugen and Jin visited separately.(ムゲンとジンがそれぞれ別々に訪れた料理屋『竹屋』の店主。) Title or […]


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