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Ep.#2 Yaki Manjū | 焼きまんじゅう

Baked sweet miso-flavored buns stabbed on skewers, local food of Gunma prefecture.(串に刺して焼いた甘い味噌味のまんじゅうで、群馬県の郷土食。)

What is Yaki Manjū? | 焼きまんじゅうとは

サムライチャンプルー #2 百鬼夜行

Jōshū‘s specialty “Yakimanjū(Roasted sweet buns)” is a local meal of Gunma prefecture.


Steamed buns that are stabbed on a bamboo skewer, and a rich miso sauce sweetened with brown sugar or starch syrup is applied to the front and back, and then baked and browned.


The origin is said to be around Bakumatsu(the end of the Edo period).


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