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Ep.#3 Simmered Taros | 里芋の煮物

Rather than local cuisine, it is a home-cooked dish that can be found anywhere in Japan.(郷土料理というより、日本全国どこにでもある家庭料理です。)

What is The Simmered Taros? | 里芋の煮物とは

サムライチャンプルー #3 以心伝心 其ノ一

“After arriving at Kawasaki-juku ( one of a lodging town) Mugen interrupted the meals of the members of the new power yakuza, Nagatomi-gumi and devoured the simmered taros.”


Samurai Champloo (Roman Album) Dark House Manga (Feb. 21, 2007)


“里芋の煮物 (Simmered taro)” is a dish in which taros are boiled in a pot with soy sauce and sweet sake added.


【基本のレシピ】おばあちゃんの味! ねっとり 里芋の煮ころがしのレシピ 作り方 | macaroni | マカロニ

About Taro | 里芋とは

Taro is a family of taros native to Southeast Asia.


The main ingredient is starch, which has a unique sliminess due to ingredients such as “mannan”.


It is thought to spread to Japan in the late jōmon period(14,000 BCE–900 BCE), which is earlier than rice.


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