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Ep.#3 Kabayaki of Conger Eels | 穴子の蒲焼

The less fat eels, called the conger eels, baked with sweet soy sauce.(脂質少なめの鰻・穴子に少し甘い醤油ダレを付けて焼いたもの。)

What is The Kabayaki of Conger Eels? | 穴子の蒲焼とは

サムライチャンプルー #12 温故知新

[Kabayaki of conger eel]

According to the Wakan Sansai Zue (1712), most of them were eaten with kabayaki style.

It is said that it wasn’t until Hanaya Yohei devised a sushi bar that it became a sushi ingredient.




Samurai Champloo Roman Album (2005/6/6)


* The Wakan Sansai Zue is an encyclopedia published in 1712 in the Edo period.


* Hanaya Yohei (1799–1858) is the inventor of nigiri sushi (hand-formed sushi) at the end of the Edo period.


What is Kabayaki | 蒲焼とは

Kabayaki is one of the preparation styles of cooking fish and is a type of teriyaki.


“Glaze-grilled” would be a similar cooking method for Kabayaki.


It is a dish that is baked after removing the guts and bones from thin fish, opened it, skewering it, and apply a sauce made from soy sauce, sweet sake, and etc.


What is Conger Eel? | 穴子とは

It has an elongated body and is a member of the eel family, but unlike eels, it is a marine fish that lives in the sea.


Depending on the species, it inhabits various sea areas and water depths.


The big difference from eel as food is its low amount of fat.


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