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Ep.#2 One-night Mushroom | 一夜茸

An edible mushroom although poisonous when combined with alcohol.(アルコールと組み合わせると有毒ですが、食べられるキノコです。)

サムライチャンプルー #2 百鬼夜行

What is Inky Cap? | ヒトヨタケとは

出典:Imgur / Reddit

Information from the Japanese version of Wikipedia.


“Inky cap” is a saprophytic fungus that occurs in dead and buried hardwoods from spring to autumn.


The young fruit body before liquefaction are said to be edible and delicious, but when eaten before and after drinking alcoholic beverages, they exhibit poisoning symptoms.


Due to chemical action, * Significant sickness-like addiction symptoms will occur.

化学かがくてき作用さようにより※ いちじるしい悪酔わるよ症状しょうじょうさま中毒ちゅうどく症状しょうじょうこすこととなる。

* Please refer to Inky cap for details.

※ 詳細しょうさいヒトヨタケをご参照さんしょうください。

It is advisable to refrain from drinking alcohol for about a week after eating until the ingredient called “coprine” contained in the mushrooms disappears completely from the body.


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