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Chief of the general contractor. He was about to be cut off from the work his company had been contracted by the local government, so he was appealing directly to the local magistrate on the roadside.(土建屋の頭領(棟梁)。役所から請負っていた仕事を切られそうになり、道端で代官に直訴していた。)

Character Profile: 林 Hayashi (surname)

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

Title or Status of Hayashi(林の身分/肩書)

Chief of the general contractor, “Hayashi group”


(A man whose life was saved by Jin)


(The man who lent Fuu a fire)


Words of Hayashi(林の言葉)

G-Governor, I beg of you!

If I lose this construction job, my whole family will have to commit suicide!

Please, sir! Please!




Samurai Champloo #1 “Tempestuous Temperaments”

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

Here, take this!


Samurai Champloo #1 “Tempestuous Temperaments”

サムライチャンプルー #1 疾風怒濤

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